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"Life Coach, Kristin Schnell, has helped me change my life from the inside and out.


With Kristin's coaching, I can now focus on what I need to do instead of focusing on negative words or phrases. I am so pleased with all the knowledge and encouraging words Kristin gave me over the time we spent together.


I am excited to say that I now have a NEW lifestyle. Coaching with Kristin has helped my mental and emotional life- purpose, as well as my physical health.


Kristin is a very loving, caring, and passionate life coach. As my coach, Kristin helped me with accountability and the drive to stay motivated to reach my goals.


I recommend Kristin to anyone who wants a wonderful, life healing approach for making serious changes in their life, health and wellness."


Cori W.

Reiki Omaha, NE Healing Intuition Coaching
Reiki Omaha, NE Healing Intuition Coaching
Reiki Omaha, NE Healing Intuition Coaching

"I personally feel the direction Kristin gave me was full of

positive strength and wisdom.


With Kristin's gentle coaching, I fulfilled the things I brought to our

sessions that I wanted to sort through and start working on.


Sometimes our minds and feelings get so cluttered, and it is challenging to get a positive direction going to complete them. Kristin has deep knowledge and natural wisdom that helped me understand how I was NOT helping

myself move forward in a positive direction.


I always felt empowered when I left our sessions. I also left with a positive outlook and feedback that Kristin helped me discover within myself. I am looking forward to picking up more sessions with her."


April W.

Reiki Omaha, NE Healing Intuition Coaching

"I first met with Kristin because I was lost and broken. I had gone to traditional counseling, but I always walked away from those appointments feeling like something was missing. After my first meeting with Kristin,

I realized what that something was.


Kristin empowered me -- empowered me to look inside myself, empowered me to sit with my emotions, empowered me to face my fears, empowered

me to realize that the answers I seek are within myself.


Kristin's nonjudgmental wisdom, kindness and commitment to her clients creates a space where it feels safe to open up, find oneself and

become stronger through the process.


Kristin is an amazing life coach and guide. I would recommend her to

my dearest friend, in fact I already have!"


Mandy G.

Reiki Omaha, NE Healing Intuition Coaching

"Kristin is a fierce coach. She has helped me through everything from relationship challenges to health challenges. Her body-based, spiritual perspective is so supportive and healing! I'm so grateful

she is on my team."


Flame S.

Reiki Omaha, NE Healing Intuition Coaching
Reiki Omaha, NE Healing Intuition Coaching

"My experiences working with Kristin have been unique and refreshingly honest compared to anyone else I've worked with.


She has created a safe space for individuals to openly, honestly and gently address and work through the most sensitive of issues to the most basic.


Kristin helped guide me through -very creatively - discovering, analyzing, and finding peace with some very deep set anger I've carried all my life. No one has ever been able to do that.


Kristin never made me feel judged. Ever. Kristin has an ability which helped me in a truly real and sincere way. She met me where I was and when I was ready."


Lauren A.

Reiki Omaha, NE Healing Intuition Coaching
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