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Reiki Omaha, NE Healing Intuition Coaching

Walking my own path of healing and transformation has led me on an amazing journey of self-discovery back towards wholeness. In my early 20s, I slowly realized how much of myself I had shut down over the years to please others. The outcome of this was the complete disconnection with my true authentic self. I fell further and further into a rut of martyrdom, negativity, and resentment. This was not how I wanted to live!


So, I chose to learn about my feelings, practice mindfulness, and allow myself to discover and express my thoughts, wants and desires. I uncovered a new path, and it eventually led right to life coaching! Before I could hold space for others, I had to honor my own uniqueness and clear out stuck energy first. I worked with teachers and healers, sought out myriad spiritual and self-help books, and journaled till my fingers ached. It was during this work I felt my lightness returning. Feeling energized and empowered, I turned my attention towards helping others. I chose to become a Certified Life Coach through Leadership that Works, because the focus is on shedding light on new perspectives, trusting the wisdom of the client, and bringing people back to their sense of wholeness. I became a Reiki Master to support clearing out blocked energy. For people wanting to take a deeper dive into the spiritual underpinnings of their life, I offer Akashic record work along with mediumship. 


Utilizing professional tools I gained in the coaching world, coupled with healthy doses of real-life experiences, I have crafted a unique, healing and coaching experience for my clients. I offer clients a safe space to:


  • Build courage to do their own internal work

  • Feel nurtured & free of judgement

  • Clear out their own stuck energy in a supported manner with accountability

  • Overcome trauma & lead successful, abundant lives

  • Gain skills and tools to reconnect with themselves deeply & fully

  • Feel empowered and experience transformation

Reiki Omaha, NE Healing Intuition Coaching
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